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City Government - Mayor's Blog


As your Mayor and Council, we have suffered some setbacks in the past year but we are ready to continue working hard for you, our Citizens. Below please find some bullet points for the upcoming year.

Meaningful Work : We are reaching out to investment and business with city incentives and help from the Loyal Economic Development Corporation. We are aggressively trying to locate several new businesses in our city, which will also spur job growth.

Responsible Finances : As your elected officials we understand the struggles you face each and every day and that you are paying the bill. Our costs will be going up in every area of business. At the same time our revenue will be going down as the state is reducing our funding. You, the citizens, deserve to have all elected city representatives find solutions in the coming years – solutions that do not reduce services, raise taxes, cause over borrowing, or add new fees.

Reliable Systems : We have televised the sewer system along Hwy. 98 and have sent the findings to the city engineers for review and costs for repair or replacement when the highway is being rebuilt. We have a long term agreement with Greenwood for waste treatment. The water tower will be inspected this year and we are working on the city streets as funds become available.

Clear Goals : This year we are adding several new businesses to our new Industrial Park, rebuilding S. West St. with the reconstruction of storm water removal systems, and resurfacing several other streets in need of repair. The new emergency siren has been installed and will be a great asset to the people living on the western and southern sections of the city. The Library has been, and still is, seeing increased usage and seems to be growing every month. The Mayor\'s office will continue to focus on cultivating new business and assisting all citizens.

I encourage you to contact your alderperson if you have any concerns. Please feel free to attend council meetings and get involved.

Together, the Council, Mayor and Citizens can and will create a better place to live and prosper. Together we are committed to restoring the city to the way it ought to be!

Mayor Dave Williams